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This series was hosted by James Valentine and produced by Barry McKay for A.B.C. Local Radio in 2001

Episode 1
Introduction to Go-Set

Episode 2
Advertisements in Go-Set from the 60s & 70s

Episode 3
Go-Set staff member Ian "Molly" Meldrum

Episode 4
The artists who "Molly" helped make it big in Go-Set,
The Groop and Russell Morris

Episode 5
Go-Set's advice columns for teenagers

Episode 6
Normie Rowe in Go-Set

Episode 7
Groovy 1960s & 70s language as used in Go-Set

Episode 8
Ross Wilson in Go-Set

Episode 9
Overseas touring acts:
The Rolling Stones & The Monkees in Go-Set

Episode 10
Overseas touring acts:
Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker & Cat Stevens in Go-Set

Episode 11
Issues that readers of Go-Set wrote in about
Episode 12
Australia's 1970s rock festivals as reported in Go-Set