Digitised copies of the original GO-SET magazine pages are now available online to read here
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Go-Set: The Life and Death of an Australia Pop Magazine
article by David M. Kent

Wikipedia: Go-Set

Paperworld: Original Magazines: Go-Set

Australian Chart History
includes reference to the Go-Set charts

Deep Purple / Free / Manfred Mann in Australia 1971
reprinted articles & pics from Go-Set

Tea With The Tillerman - Michele O'Driscoll interviews Cat Stevens in August 1972

Cat Stevens concerts in Australia, Ed Nimmervoll - August 1972

1972 Led Zeppelin interview
sourced from Go-Set

The Camp Dance Survey
Sydney's gay scene in 1971 as reported in Go-Set

Manfred Mann
pics from Go-Set 1971 & 1972

Rick Springfield in Go-Set 1972

21st Century Love Band
pics from Go-Set, 1968

David Pepperell for Go-Set in 1973
Go-Set Article on the 1973 Lindisfarne tour

Alan Hull quits Lindisfarne
from Go-Set, 11 August 1973

Rick Springfield / Colleen Hewitt poster
reprinted from Go-Set 1972,
Powerhouse Museum Sydney collection

Go-Set: Pop and Circumstance
ABC Radio National Documentary produced by Barry McKay, 2001

David M Kent's Go-Set M.A. Thesis online
"The Place of Go-Set in Rock & Pop Music Culture in Australia, 1966 to 1974", University of Canberra, Australian Digital Thesis Program

Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds
Go-Set co-ordinated National pop competition

Go-Set Charts 1971 - Australian Music Quiz

Jands Production Services
concert equipment, archival photos from Go-Set
Elton John tour 1971, Led Zeppelin tour 1972,
Mulwala Festival 1972, Bee Gees tour 1972


Phillip Frazer
Phillip was the founding editor of Go-Set, remaining as editor
1966-1972, he is now an internet activist, based in New York.

Lily Brett
Lily was one of Go-Set's leading reporters in the late 60's.
She's now a celebrated author

Colin Beard
Colin was a Go-Set photographer, a contemporary of Lily Brett.
The site contains examples of his work

Ian McCausland
Ian McCausland was Go-Set's art director for many
years. He also designed many well known rock
posters & album covers of the period

Ian "Molly" Meldrum
Started his rock music career with Go-Set in 1966,
now a household name in Australia

Clelia Adams
Former Sydney Go-Set staff member, now a singer

Philip Morris Photography
Go-Set photographer Philip Morris,
examples of work published in Go-Set

Aztec Music
Aussie re-issue label dealing with 70's artists

UK Top 40 hit database

Howlspace - Chartbeat

Facts and figures from the Australian charts.

Wikipedia: Chronolgical list of U.K. No. 1 Singles

Wikipedia: Chronlogical list of UK No. 1 Albums

Wikipedia: Chronolgical list of U.S. No. 1 Singles

Wikipedia: Chronolgical list of U.S. No. 1 Albums

Swiss charts

Canadian charts
From May 1957 to June 1986

European End of year charts
various European countries

Current chart sites from around the world