Go-Set is a treasure trove of articles, photos, info and charts depicting popular music artists and culture in Australia from 1966-1974.

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Go-Set Magazine is available to the public at various State and Academic Libraries around Australia, as well as at the National Library in Canberra
These copies are mostly available to the public on microfilm.
Most libraries are generally reluctant to let the public view the original paper copies.

An online catalogue service provided by the National Library's "Libraries Australia" page will allow you to find details of your closest copy of Go-Set.
search tip: type in "Go Set" (in quotes) into the search engine and restrict your search to 'newspapers' only.

as of September 2006, holdings in Australia according to this catalogue were as follows:

National Library of Australia. (ANL) 1608370 NX553 (July 3, 1968-Aug. 3, 1974) . impf
National Library of Australia. (ANL) mfm NX 564 Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 2, 1966)-Aug. 24, 1974
State Library of New South Wales. (NSL) M Z/MDQ784.705/1 1967-1974 M Microfilm Feb. 1966-Dec. 1974
State Library of Victoria (VSL) held Feb. 2, 1966-Aug. 24, 1974 incomplete
University of Canberra Library (AUC) BRN280669 micro ML3534 S1 Feb.1966-Dec.1974
Murdoch University Library (WMDU) 671988K M/Q/780.42/G676/1<671988K>A/3(IIB) Vol. 3, no. 30 (July 1968)-v. 9, no. 31 (Aug. 1974) imperfect

If your local friendly State or Academic Library do not hold copies, you could request them to make a copy of the original microfilm copy for local use. The original and most complete set of Go-Set on microfilm is held by the State Library of Victoria. Go-Set was based in Melbourne for most of its life. Go-Set began publication in February 1966 and ceased publication in August 1974. Microfilm copies at most Australian libraries have been made from the State Library of Victoria set.

Otherwise, you could try an inter-library loan. This may incur a fee.

David M. Kent of the University of Canberra has written a Thesis on Go-Set magazine.
A .pdf copy of the thesis is available here.

information compiled by Barry McKay, 2006